Quality Policy

Every single process at each stage of manufacturing reflects profound excellence in the workmanship of Madhava Industries. This is because a series of well-co-ordinated quality assurance activities are performed during the manufacture of all the products at the plant.

Madhava Industries is committed to delivering to our customers high quality products. For this, we continue to improve our quality management system and adapt to global standard.

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

In production we achieve quality control and prevent defects from passing to the next stage via three point quality check system namely, In Process Inspection, Final Inspection and Pre-Dispatch Inspection.

Madhava Industries make use of well-designed quality assurance system to inspect its products on various parameters like dimension, forms, surface roughness, GD&T parameter and appearance to make sure the output conforms to customer’s specifications. Our Quality Laboratory enriched with high precision measuring instruments like:

  • Auto Correction Air Gauge,
  • Digital Height Gauge,
  • Slip Gauge,
  • Digital Micrometer, Digital Vernier Calliper,
  • Mitutoyo Contour,
  • Vision Measuring System (VMS),
  • Surface Roughness Tester, etc.

Reports we Offer Chemical & Mechanical Testing

  • Material Chemical Testing (Spectro Testing , ROHS)
  • Material Non-Destructive Testing (Ultrasonic)
  • Material Mechanical Testing (Tensile, Yield, Elongation, Hardness,)

Various Dimension Reports

  • Raw Material Receiving Inspection
  • 1st piece Setting Approval Report
  • In-process Inspection Report
  • Incoming Inspection Report
  • Pre-Dispatch Inspection Report(PDI)
  • Contour Report (Contracer)
  • CMM Reports
  • Surface Roughness Report
  • PPAP (Up to Level-3)